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African Americans
American Indians (see "Indians")
Asian Americans

BLGT (Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, and/or Transgender)
Chicanos (See "Latin Americans.")
Differently Abled/Disabled, Mentally and/or Physically
Indians, American 
Latin Americans

Mentally Ill (See "Differently Abled/Disabled.")
Native Americans (See "Indians.")
Veterans & War Victims



INTRODUCTION: Here are some basic sites for you to use in exploring cultural diversity issues.  It should be noted that many of these categories--especially the extremely broad ones such as "religion" and "women," do not pretend to offer a compendium of links to their subjects; rather, they attempt only to offer a set of links that helps establish the cultural diversity of the subject.  Please also note that the lists below are, at present, rather short: your additions and suggestions are welcome.  

WARNING: For accurate research, consider the source.  Sites containing ".edu" (education only) and ".gov" (government only) may be more accurate.  However, even ".edu" sites may be Web pages developed by one instructor or a single student and represent only his or her own viewpoint.  For Web site evaluation guidelines, click here: Evaluating Web Sources.

Disclaimer: Please note that the general Web experiences rapid shifting of sites, which come and go.  If a link below takes you to a dead address, I apologize and encourage you to inform me.  --Richard Jewell



Women Writers of Color:   University of Minnesota site   

Culture & Race:  "Race--The Power of an Illusion" (site suggesting culture, not genetics, may determine differences)

General:  Type, using quotation marks at each end, "Links to Cultural Diversity"  

United Nations:  The United Nations, a source site for some of our ethnic traditions from other countries 



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AFRICAN AMERICANS  Owned by Black Entertainment Television; misc. information "Black history" searchable by date and topic One of the most-used ethnic sites: chat issues, et al. One of the world's most visited African-American sites University of Minnesota site focusing on women writers of color African-American church history National Underground Railroad Freedom Center online Smithsonian Institute's museum of African-American culture and history,  African-American history, Library of Congress

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AGED/SENIORS,, and  Care giving issues  Federal site with many links on health, family, and seniors issues  

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ASIAN AMERICANS   "Empowering young Asian American women" "Success, leadership, professionalism, and business news"  Ties between Asia and America.  Many subjects  Japanese American National Museum in LA   University of Minnesota site focusing on women writers of color.  Vietnamese travel and cultural site

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See, below, "Latin Americans."

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MENTAL: American Psychological Association The Center for Mental Health Services National Alliance on Mental Illness ABC's of "Internet Therapy" Mental Health Matters Mental Health Net

PHYSICAL/ORGANIC: Comprehensive Down Syndrome site Resources on attention deficit disorder (ADD) Children and adults with ADHD International Dyslexia Association National Center for Learning Disabilities

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(Note: According to Tony Hillerman, author of an award-winning detective series set in the Four Corners area of the Southwest United States, the great majority of American Indians prefer to be called by their tribal names or, lacking that, as "Indians.") Canada, Aboriginal Cultures Mesoamerican Ballgames Native American storytelling and storytellers.,  Native American history, Library of Congress Mexico and South America Totem poles NMAI American Indian resource Powwows "Voices of the Colorado Pleateau."  Stories, people, places National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institute University of Minnesota site focusing on women writers of color

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LATINOS, LATINAS, LATIN AMERICANS, HISPANICS "My People": chat, et al. (Spanish & Portuguese speakers.)  Miscellaneous.  University of Minnesota site focusing on women writers of color. Visit Mexico and South America.

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(See, above, "Differently Abled/Disabled.")

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(See, above, "Indians.")

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African-American Church History:   

Islam:, ("Vision of Islam"), ("Ritual: Perspective and Dimensions"),

Mythology: See the "Mythology" section of "Links to Humanities."

Salem Witch Hysteria: www.nationalgeographic.comn/features/97/salem  

Sermon on the Mount: &  

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WOMEN Biographies of female mathematicians Articles about past and present of women's lives.  Includes U.S. women's historical timeline Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton 20 modern pioneer women Women's military history University of Minnesota site focusing on women writers of color Women of the American West


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