Rest on the Flight into Egypt
, Luc Olivier Merson, 1879


5th Gospel: A New Age Story of Jesus

2nd Edition, Updated & Revised, 2023

Book I—Secret Youth Click here for pdf.
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Book II
Travels East; & Book IIIDangerous Rabbi:


Original 1st Edition in Five Parts, 1978: Below

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1st Edition Table of Contents

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BOOK I: Early Years

 PART IChild
        1.  Introduction to Part I by Jesus' Beloved Disciple

        2.  The Road to Bethlehem

        3.  Birth

        4.  Flight to Egypt

        5.  Return to Nazareth

        6.  With the Jerusalem Priests

  PART IIYoung Man

        7.  Introduction to Part II by John the Beloved Disciple

        8.  Learning Who He Is

        9.  Jesus and Cousin John to Egypt

      10.  First and Second Degrees

      11.  The Third Degree and a Talk with Cousin John

      12.  Preparing to Travel


 PART IIIAdventurer

      13.  Meeting Ravanna and Kahjian

      14.  Teaching in India

      15.  Goodbye to Ravanna

      16.  Healing in Persia

      17.  A Visit Home

      18.  Cousin John and More Degrees

      19.  A Woman and a Death

      20.  The Two Cousins Make Plans

BOOK II: The Rabbi

PART IVTeacher                    

      21. A Return to Capernaum

      22. Baptism, Wedding, the Desert, and Money

      23. An Arrest, the Twelve, and an Exorcism

      24. Miriam, Judas, and More Demons

      25. Death, Prayers, Fish, and a Storm

      26. An Earlier Passover, Danger, and Lazarus

PART VMessiah

      27. Sister Ruth and Mother Mary

      28. Miriam, A Dinner, and Palm Fronds

      29. Pharisees, High Priests, and Judas

      30. A Last Supper; The Governor Visits

      31. A Garden and Caiaphas

      32. Pilate, Herod, and a Lashing

      33. At Work on the Cross

      34. Becoming Immortal

      35. Postlude by John the Apostle

      Author's Original Notes to the 1978 Edition


What is the 5th Gospel?

You are gods. 
--John 10:34

Look again, for the kingdom of heaven is within you. --Matthew 3:2

There are also many other things that Jesus did. If they should be all recorded in detail,
I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.
--John 21:25

Imagine that a new Gospel of Jesus, more complete than the first four now in the New Testament, has been found. It covers the travels of Jesus as a young man and many of the events of his adult life in greater detail, such as his deep friendship with John the Baptist, his initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries, his studies in India, his love for a special Israeli woman, and the methods used to perform his miracles.

Imagine that the author of this new “Fifth" gospel is John the Beloved—one of the three closest of Jesus' twelve disciples and also the author of the New Testament’s “Gospel of John,” "Letters of John," and “Book of Revelation." John is reporting from his first-hand point of view, giving Jesus’ own words and feelings, as well as those of Jesus’ family, teachers, and many followers.

Here, in more exciting detail than ever before--about the man and the master--is a novel about Jesus.


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