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Body Meditation: Introducing Hindu Practices

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5th Gospel (A Novel)         Also see More Writings

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Critical Thinking and Metacognitive Writing

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Richard Jewell

General Coordinator

Minnesota Writing and English:  
 Emeritus Teaching Professor
English and Humanities Departments
Inver Hills Community College
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities


Welcome!  This site is a place where you may find my online books, articles, and essays. Some are listed below. Others are in More Writings.


First, I'd like to note that I am not the subject of the movie Richard Jewell. That Richard Jewell is deceased, I'm not related to him, and I know nothing about him except that he was wrongly accused of a bombing at Atlanta's Olympic Park.
Second, I am the Richard Jewell who is General Coordinator of MnWE
Minnesota Writing and English ( MnWE runs an annual spring conference for 100-200 university, college, and college-in-the-high-schools faculty and related staff and publishers. I also edit and send the MnWE News every two months to about 2800 faculty and related professionals on the MnWE Listserv in Minnesota and parts of five nearby states. If you'd like to join the Listserv, please see, or email meyour email address is never given to anyone else without your permission,and you may unsubscribe at any time.


I recently retired from teaching college English and Humanities. If you are one of my former studentsor a faculty member looking for examples of my online course materialsyou may find my old syllabuses, course packets, and online course records at IHCC Courses (above). My free Web books are listed above and described in more detail below.


If you're from Warren School near Monmouth, Illinois, from the high school in Monmouth, or from Shimer or Monmouth Collegesor grad schools SCSU, or ABSW or SFTS in the San Francisco Bay Areawere we classmates? Drop me a note!
Please also feel free to read, use, and share* my online books: my college composition textbook, humanities handbook, meditation dictionary, and other books and sites are listed here. These sites average 40-50 hits per day and have been used by a number of colleges and universities across the country and overseas. You also are welcome to email or phone me with questions or comments. 



Online Writings (More details) complete college writing textbook:

This textbook shows you, using explanation, diagrams, and examples, how to write for college and some of the professions. The textbook offers easy directions with visual helps, along with dozens of real sample student papers. It is 58 chapters, 600+ pp. if printed, and most recently revised in 2012.
Cell phone web address: use ("W for C") or Extensive A-Z Meditation Dictionary of Mindful Practices with Study Guides:

If you're interested in meditation, you may look up hundreds of definitions and descriptions from a number of practical, scientific, and/or spiritual traditions. You also may choose among more than a dozen slightly longer practical guide manuals about meditation, basic to advanced. (2019 edition; On cell phones, use the Humanities:

This popular online textbook introduces and describes major fields and disciplines in the humanities. It is an excellent companion to longer Humanities textbooks or can be used as an introductory text by itself. (August 2020 ed.)

5th online novel:

If you're interested in what the life of Jesus--all of it--may have been like from the perspective of seer Edgar Cayce, mythic stories, and an inner-meditation perspective, check this out. It is now free and online (August 2020 ed.).


You may access and use the sites above freely, without permission, for your own use and that of your students, colleagues, and friends. However, please do not copy information from them for any reason without adding a copyright notice (Richard Jewell, Copyright [Year], and a web site URL/location. If you're going to use something of mine for teaching et al., I would enjoy an email letting me know. However, this is not required. On the other hand, any use for profit requires my agreement. Click here to find my email address.


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