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Brief biography as of April 2016:

        Richard Jewell is the co-founder (with Donald Ross, Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) and General Coordinator of the Minnesota Colleges and Universities English and Writing annual conference, with 150-200 attendees annually, and its listserv of over 2500 Minnesota, Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa and eastern Dakotas college and university faculty members. 

        He has been a tenured member of the English and Humanities departments at Inver Hills Community College in suburban St. Paul since 2001, where he was the lead co-advisor of the honor society 2005-2015, the coordinator of the twice yearly "Student Success Day" for six years, and, for a year, the college's undergraduate research conference coordinator. He also has served on various committees on campus including Academic Council and the Research Across Disciplines committee, and as coordinator/chair of the English Department for a year. He appeared on the finalist list three times for the student-elected "Faculty Member of the Year" Award, and in 2014-15, he won it.

        Before 2001, he was a full-time “Education Specialist” in composition for the English Department of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for five years.  There, he was coordinator of the composition web site and received three grants: for planning a computer lab specialized for teaching writing, for updating the web site, and for creating the Online Grammar Handbook. He also won UM's "Adjunct English Faculty of the Year" Award in 2000.

        Richard has a master’s degree in English from St. Cloud State University, one of the two largest state universities in Minnesota; and two master’s degrees in religion from San Francisco Theological Seminary.  In earlier decades he has been a farm boy, grocery-store carry out, hippie, food cooperative co-manager, social worker, and free-lance magazine writer.  Over the years, he has presented at several dozen national, regional, and state academic conferences and written a number of articles, stories, and academic essays that have been published in magazines and academic journals. 

        He also is the author of several online publications: the composition textbook (130,000 hits as of 4/16), the online humanities handbook Experiencing the Humanities at, and the directory Online Grammar Handbook at (200,000 hits)In 2014, a link to the most popular of these, the Online Grammar Handbook, was posted by Dr. Muriel Harris, author of two popular college English handbooks—Writer’s FAQs and The Prentice Hall Reference Guide—on the national Writing Lab Newsletter's Twitter and Facebook accounts. She reported that both the national writing centers organization and CCCC, the international college writing organization, retweeted the link.

        After fifteen years of full-time work at his current college, in fall 2016 he is taking half-time retirement for three years, and then full-time retirement starting May 2019. In retirement, he plans to continue helping with  (the state colleges and universities English Conference); tent camping and traveling; spending more time with his children and grandchildren in France and in Rochester, Minnesota; and pursuing new and old writing projects.



Resume/Curriculum Vita
Richard Jewell

(fully revised as of 11-05; updated 9-08 & 11-11)

        For students: When academic workers such as college and university teachers write a resume, it more often is very detailed and is called a C.V. or "curriculum vita" ("life studies").   The curriculum vita below is long, so you may want to skim it, or you can use the links here in the left-hand column to go more quickly to parts of it.  


Present Position and Responsibilities


Instructor, Full Time Unlimited (Equivalent of "Tenured"), Department of English, Inver Hills Community College, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 2001-present.  

Teaching responsibilities
: composition, literature, and humanities courses

Additional responsibilities:

Founder and Coordinator, Writing-Intensive (WI) Program--WI Transfer to UM-TC, 2005-present
- Coordinator, College-wide Student Success Day (twice/year stdnt. conf. 20% release time), 2005-present (except sabbatical 2011-12)
- Lead Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (13% release time, except during sabbatical), May 2005-present

- Founder and Coordinator, Research across Disciplines (RAD) Program (improving student research), 2011-present

- Founder and Co-coordinator, MnCUEW (Minnesota Colleges & Universities English & Writing annual conference and listserv--MnSCU and Univ. of Minn. systems, parts of Wisconsin university and state university systems, and Minnesota private colleges), 2008-present. 

- Facilitator, Annual MnSCU English Discipline meeting (at annual MnSCU Realizing Student Potential Conference), 2008-present.



- Member, Phi Theta Kappa Four State Regional Advisory Council, 2008-12. Chair 2010-11

- Lead Advisor for the Chapter that is President of the Four State Region of Phi Theta Kappa, 2010-12

- Chair, Writing across Curriculum Section, Midwest Modern Language Association, 2011-12



- Chair, U.S. Education Committee, OneVillage Partners ($100,000/year nonprofit service organization for three villages in Sierra Leone, West Africa), 2006-2008  and 2011-12

- Co-founder and Co-coordinator, Plymouth Film Club (monthly film series at Plymouth Church near downtown Minneapolis), 2005-present


Quick Summary of Vita


Education: Master's Degree in English and two other subjects

Teaching Locations (most recent first): Inver Hills Community College, Department of English at University of Minnesota, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, North Hennepin Community College, St. Cloud State University, et al.

Courses (most sections first): Composition I, Composition II, Developmental Writing, Intro to Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Community Education courses in Writing for Publication, Creative Writing, and Business Writing, et al.  Using online, enhanced/hybrid, and in-classroom computer technology, groups, one-on-one assistance, critical thinking, writing across the curriculum, et al.  et al.

Other Work: Started two writing centers (North Hennepin Community College and Minnesota School of Business), part-time freelance magazine writer, food coop coordinator, social worker, assistant minister, et al.

Publications on Paper: About 10 academic publications and 90 professional and creative publications

Publications Online: Two textbooks ("" and ""), five web directories; one article, and several websites

Academic and Professional Presentations: 24 national and regional; 14 state and local.

Misc. Awards and Memberships: a dozen academic/professional organizations and their journals, various academic awards as a student, various awards from students








M.A., English, St. Cloud State University, 1985: Emphasis in rhetoric, composition, and creative writing. Training in the teaching of freshman composition, process writing, holistic scoring, portfolio assessment, research writing, and theories of private and public discourse. Course work from St. Cloud State's Director of Freshman Composition, who was trained in the Amherst freshman writing experience (one of the first major U.S. freshman writing programs) and in the University of Iowa WAC program--one of the first major U.S. writing-across-the-curriculum programs. G.P.A.: 4.0.


M.Div., Ministry, San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1973: Emphasis in traditional ministry, social service ministry, youth ministry, group facilitation, and coffeehouse and related ministries with street youth.  Seminary part of the Graduate Theological Union, a doctorate-granting "university" of nine faith groups such as Lutheran, Episcopal, American Baptist, Franciscan, Dominican, et al.; students take courses at most of the seminaries in rotation. 


M.A. in Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1972: Emphasis in existential theology/philosophy, spiritual autobiography, Eastern religions, and writing.  See above for more detail. 


B.A., Philosophy, Monmouth College (Illinois), 1970: Minor--creative writing and composition. Editor, student literary magazine. Student government: Communications Board. G.P.A.: 3.6

Other Schools and Significant Training:

  • University of Iowa Summer Writers' Workshop, graduate credit (A)

  • University of Minnesota Split Rock Program in Novel Writing, grad. credit (A)

  • University of Minnesota Web design and Web writing workshops (noncredit).

  • Indiana University Writers' Conference (noncredit)

  • WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) Training, St. Cloud State University and MnSCU System

  • Critical Thinking Training, MnSCU System

  • Knox College Undergraduate Creative Writing Program, Illinois

  • Two years of college with Shimer College (University of  Chicago Great Books Program):
           1 year at Mt. Carroll, Illinois campus
           1 year at Oxford, England campus


College and University Teaching


Present Position: as above


Most Recent Previous Position:


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1997-2001.  Assistant Education Specialist, Full Time, Department of English. Teaching responsibilities: upper- and lower-division undergraduate composition courses. Administrative duties: Webmaster, English Department Composition Web Site; Coordinator, Composition Web Committee. Minnesota, 1997-2001

Other Previous Primary Assignments:


Anoka Ramsey Community College, 1992-1996.
North Hennepin Community College, 1989-1992.
St. Cloud State University, 1985-1989 (Instructor), 1983-1995 (Teaching Assistant)

Other Teaching: Austin Community College, NEI College of Technology, College of St. Scholastica, St. Cloud Business College, College of St. Francis, University of Minn. (Ext. Program), Hamline University, Vermilion Community College, Minnesota School of Business.


English Courses Taught


900/90 Level:


Business Communications
Basic Writing ("English Essentials" and "Refresher English")

1000/100 Level:

Business Writing
College Composition I (writing based and essay based)
College Composition II (writing based and essay based)
Creative Writing
Freshman English I (literature based)
Freshman English II (      "               "     )
Honors University Writing & Critical Reading
Honors Writing Practice I
Intermediate Expository Writing
Introduction to Literature
Technical Writing
University Writing and Critical Reading
University Writing and Critical Reading

Writing for Publication
Writing Practice I
Writing Practice and Cultural Diversity I


2000/200 Level:


College Composition
Introduction to Literature
Literature of Mythology


3000/300 Level:


Advanced Expository Writing
College Composition
Fiction Writing
Selected World Literature
Technical Writing for Engineers
Writing about Science
Writing in the Health Sciences
Writing in the Social Sciences


4000/400-5000/500 Level: Magazine Writing


6000/600 Level: Writing in the Elementary Classroom

Other College Courses Taught


College Success Seminar, Comparative World Religions, Pathways to Success, Philosophy and Modern Society, Introduction to the Humanities, Humanities I--Ancient Civilizations through the Renaissance, Philosophy of Religion, Creative Problem Solving, Religion in America.


Other Special Activities


Course Development

  • New 1-credit, 1000-level Creative Writing course, English Department, Austin Community College, 1985

  • New 1000-level Introduction to Humanities course, all branches of Rasmussen Business College, 1989

  • Redevelopment of 1000-level Professional and Technical Writing course, English Department, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, 1991

  • New 3-credit course, "ENGC 3029W Professional Writing," English Department, University of Minnesota, 2001

  • Revision of two required composition courses to fit University of Minnesota transfer requirements, Inver Hills Community College, 2007-8.     

  • New Leadership Development course, Inver Hills Community College, currently being presented at Academic Council

Computer Technology

  • Regular instructor of hybrid physical-classroom and online-classroom courses in composition, developmental composition, literature, and the humanities.

  • Author of the online college composition textbook with 43,000 hits (as of July 2010):  

  • Author of the Online Grammar Handbook with 100,000 hits (as of July 2010):  

  • Personal Web Site: 

  • Author of own multi-course Web site, UMN and Inver Hills CC:

  • Taught writing in computer classrooms since 1985.

  • Author of a successful $130,000 grant proposal for a collaborative computer classroom for first-year composition courses, English Dept. Composition Program, UM.

  • Author of a successful $9000 grant proposal for hiring an undergraduate Assistant Webmaster to revise the EngC (Composition) Web site at University of Minnesota.

  • Webmaster of the English Department's EngC (Composition) Web site, UM (at coordinated the revising and redesigning of an extensive Web site.

  • Author, English Department Web Site, Inver Hills Community College.

Writing Center Work

  • Director, Center for Writing, NHCC: helped plan, implemented, and coordinated the first year of the NHCC Center for Writing.

  • Director and Tutor, Twin Cities Tutoring Program, CSF.

  • Night Manager and Tutor, English Tutoring Center, SCSU.

  • Volunteer Tutor, UM and ARCC Writing Centers.

Social Work

  • Intern, The Point, Camden, New Jersey.  Worked with youth and in a church.  Was trained in community social work.  Summer 1971.

  • Director, the Drop-In Center, Berkeley, Cal., and related street social work. 1972-73.

  • Youth Worker, NE Neighborhood Services, Minneapolis.  1974-1975.

Special Positions: See "Additional Work" under "Present Position," above.





  • Academic Affairs Council (IHCC) 

  • Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (IHCC)

  • Advisory Committee to the Center for Writing (NHCC)

  • Advisory Committee for Developmental Education (NHCC)

  • Calendar Subcommittee (ARCC-AHTC)

  • Committee to Create a Writing Center (NHCC)

  • Developmental Committee (IHCC & NHCC)

  • Energy Pool (ARCC)

  • Graduation Planning Committee (ARCC)

  • Guidelines for Campus Computer Use Subcommittee (NHCC)

  • International Student Travel Center Board, Faculty Advisor (UM)

  • Research across Disciplines (RAD)

  • Semester Conversion Committee (ARCC)

  • Student Success Day Committee Chair and Program Coordinator (IHCC)

  • Writing Across the Curriculum Work Group (SCSU)

  • Writing Intensive Committee, Chair (IHCC)


  • Regular departmental contributions individually and in groups at Inver Hills Community College

  • Significant Contributions at Previous Schools:


    • Composition Research Committee, Coordinator (ARCC).

    • Curriculum Committee, Composition (UM).

    • Composition Web Site Committee, Coordinator (UM).

    • Honors Awards Selection Committee (ARCC).

    • Literature Discussion Group (ARCC).

    • Portfolio Grading Group, Facilitator (ARCC).

    • Semester Conversion Committee, Composition (UM).

    • Specialist and Lecturer Monthly Meeting Group, Facilitator (UM).

    • Technology Committee, English Department (UM).


  • Academic Affairs Council (IHCC)

  • Academic Standards Committee (IHCC)

  • Executive Council (ARCC).

  • Faculty Development Committee (ARCC).

  • Facilities Committee (NHCC).

  • General Matters Committee, Alternate (ARCC).

  • Student Conduct Committee, MCCFA Rep. (ARCC).

  • Student Stipend Committee, MCCFA Rep. (ARCC).


  • Member, Creative Writing Section Committee (Midwest Modern Language Assoc.), 1989-90.

  • Proposer and Chair, special program section on computers and composition, Two-Year College Association Conference, Minneapolis, 1998.

  • Double Session Organizer, 1999 Midwest Modern Language Association Conf.

  • Secretary, 2000 M/MLA WAC (Writing across the Curriculum) Writing Section.

  • Chair, 2001 and 2011 M/MLA WAC Writing Section.

  • Coordinator and Founder, 2008-present, MnCUEW (Minnesota Colleges & Universities English & Writing) Annual Conference (100-140 attendees/year) and Listserv (1500 members in Minnesota and Wisconsin).


Noncredit Teaching


Seminars for Teachers: Taught 84 seminar hours to elementary and secondary teachers on "Writing Across the Curriculum" and/or "Teaching Creative Writing" in nine seminars at seven Minnesota schools and educational cooperative service units (when living near St. Cloud State University, 1983-1989):

Little Falls Public Schools, Central Minnesota ECSU (Educational Cooperative Service Unit), North Central Minnesota ECSU, West Central Minnesota ECSU, St. Mary's School, Little Falls, Sartell Middle School, Clearbrook Public Schools, Sartell Middle School.

Seminars in Community Education Programs: Taught over six hundred hours of seminars in over two dozen communities throughout Minnesota on "Writing for Publication," "Writing for Magazines," "Creative Writing," "Writing Family History," et al.




Books/Book-length Works/Websites:

  • (online), 500-page college composition textbook, 1998-present

  • (online), 100-page introduction to the humanities by discipline, 2001-present

  • Web Directories (extensive lists of URLs grouped by subject):

    • (written through a grant for IHCC's "Student Success Day" online), 2005-present

    •, 2007-present

    •, 2005-present

    •, 2003-present

    • (written through a grant from the University of Minn.), 2000-present

  • Other Websites: IHCC Student Success Day, IHCC English Dept., IHCC Humanities Dept., the professional website, a few defunct course websites, and four current course websites available at

Academic Articles--nine publications (oldest first): 

  • "Using the Right Brain to Teach Writing," Journal of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching 17.3-4 (1992); 

  • "Creative Writing in Other Writing Classes," Minnesota English Journal, Winter/Spring 1992; 

  • "Overcoming Classroom Design: Group Writing in Computer Classrooms," The Assembly on Computers in English Journal--The Journal of the NCTE Assembly on Computers in English, 1.2, (Fall 1997);

  • "Case 7. Too Much Thinking," Dilemmas in Teaching--Cases for Collaborative Faculty Reflection, Ed. Chris M. Anson, Lesley K. Cafarelli, Carol Rutz, & Michelle R. Weis, Madison, Wisconsin: and The Collaboration for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, Mendota Press, 1998; 

  • "Using Role Playing to Teach Critical Thinking," Innovation Abstracts, Vol. XX, No. 9, 1998; 

  • "The Heart of the Muses: Teaching Narrative Writing Using Mythic/Archetypal Literary Criticism," Minnesota Council of Teachers of English Journal, 1999-2000, #1;  

  • "The Nobel Prize: History and Canonicity," Midwest Modern Language Association Journal (winter 2000);

  • "Belles Emails" (short excerpt from), PMLA (Dec. 2000); and 

  • Anson, Chris, and Jewell, "Shadows of the Mountain," (lead essay), Moving a Mountain, National Council of Teachers of English (2001).

Literary Prose and Poetry--about eleven publications in seven literary journals, one magazine, and one public radio station production: Lake Country Journal, Loonfeather, The Northland Quarterly, Optimistic Times, Thin Coyote, Minnesota Public Radio Station KCRB, et al.


Magazine Articles--about sixty-three publications in twenty-seven magazines.


Magazine Fiction (nonliterary short stories)--about seventeen publications in twelve magazines.


Conference Presentations (in each section, oldest first)




MLA (Modern Language Association Convention--largest international conference for college English and foreign language teachers):

  • "Peer-group Writing Using Computers." San Francisco, December 1998.

  • Jewell and Chris Anson. "'Education Specialists': University of Minnesota." San Francisco, December 1998.

  • "A Tale of Three Systems--Almost Adjunct Paradise."   Chicago, December 1999.

  • "Observing Action: Stories of What Works." Chicago, December 1999.  

  • "Inductive Writing: From Classroom to Workplace." San Diego, December 2003.   

Other national/international:

  • "Using Heuristics . . . for Exploratory Discourse." Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). San Diego, April 1993.

  • "Mythic Dimensions of Travel Writing--A Travel Writer Speaks." Conference on American and British Travel Writers and Writing. Minneapolis, Nov. 1997.

  • "A Two-Year College Writing Intensive Program That Transfers to the University of Minnesota." Writing Program Administrators (WPA) Conference.  Anchorage, July 2005.

  • Jewell, Richard, Paul Oakes, and Margaret Sullivan. "Increasing Officer Numbers and Participation." Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Convention. Philadelphia, April 2008.

  • "The Cocoon and the Butterfly." Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). St. Louis, March 2012.


MMLA (Midwest Modern Language Association Conventions--largest Midwest conference for college English and foreign language teachers):

  • "Creative Writing in Other Writing Courses." Minneapolis, Nov. 1989.

  • "Differences in Male and Female Voice." Kansas City, November 1990.

  • "The Poetics and Politics of the Nobel Prize." St. Louis, November 1992.

  • "Thinking as the Text of Composition." Minneapolis, November 1996.

  • Organizer of Double Session, "Adjunct Issues: What Works." Mpls., Nov. 1999.  

  • "Building a Composition Web Site," Cleveland, November 2001.

  • "A Phenomenological Critique of Process and Post-Process Theories," Minneapolis, November 2002.

  • "Stages of a Writer's Development," Minneapolis, November 2008.

  • "The Stages of Writing in Writing across the Curriculum," St. Louis, November 2011.

MCTE (Midwest Council of Teachers of English) Conference:

  • "The Seduction of my Friend," a reading. In "Teachers and Students Writing Personally"--presentation with two of my own writing students. Madison, April 1993.

TYCA-Midwest (Two-Year College Association-Midwest) English Conference:

  • "Computer Labs and Peer Writing Groups." In "Connecting Writing on Computers: a Panel Presentation on Computer-Aided Writing Instruction." (Organized by Jewell: presentations by Jewell; Jon Cegielski, Anoka-Ramsey Community College; and Julie Eckerle, UM-Twin Cities.) St. Paul, October 1998.

  • Student Narratives of Navigating Writing: Helping Students Place Themselves on a Scale of Writing Development." Duluth, October 3, 2008.

The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning Conference:

  • Jewell, Richard, Renee Mabey, and Michael Ahlen. "Using Role Playing to Connect Critical Thinking to Authentic Experience." Minneapolis, February 1997.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Minn-Wi-Kota (four-state) Convention:

  • "How to Develop Officer Positions in Your Chapter." La Crosse, 2011. 




MCTE (Minnesota Council of Teachers of English) Conferences:

  • "Critical Thinking Games." Alexandria, April 1997.

  • "Starting a WAC Writing Center." Mankato, April 1991.

  • "Where We Stand with Computers in Writing Now." Brooklyn Park, April 1990.

MnSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) and MCCS (Minnesota Community College System)--Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Conferences, et al.:

  • "Hello & Goodbye Journals as Assessment." A GIFT Session. MnSCU CTL Conference. Bloomington, Minn., April 1996.

  • "Replace Lecturing with a Thinking Tool." MCCS CTL. Brainerd, August 1995.

  • "Using a Metacognitive Thinking Tool to Examine a Learning Experience." A GIFT Session. MnSCU CTL Conference. Bloomington, Minn., January 1996.

  • "Building a Departmental Web Site."  MnSCU I-TEACH Technology Conference, May 2001.

  • "Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing-Intensive Courses in the MNSCU System." A Keynote Lunch Panel Presentation.  Discussion Leader: Richard Jewell, Inver Hills Community College.  Panelists:  Bill Dyer, Bill Wagner, Anne O'Meara, Minnesota State University-Mankato; Kirsten Jamsen, University of Minnesota.  MnSCU English Discipline Workshop. Oct. 2004.

  • "The College Writing Landscape: Navigating Intersections Between Disciplines, Genres, Pedagogies & Styles."  Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2004.

  • "The Aftermath in Sierra Leone, Post-Civil War." Never Again, All Over Again: Teaching Genocide: MnSCU Discipline Workshop.  St. Paul, November 9-10, 2006.

  • "'NoodleTools' and Other Web Bibliography Makers."  Part of the Panel "Online Tools for Writing across the Curriculum" organized by Richard Jewell.  Other presenters: Tim Boyer, Anthony Collins, and Keith Richter.  Realizing Student Potential/ITeach Conference Feb. 26, 2010. 

  • Coordinator, MnSCU English Discipline Meeting, 2008-10.

Other State Conferences:

  • "From Personal to Academic Writing." Minnesota State University System Teaching Conference. St. Louis Park, 1989.

  • "Writing for Publication." St. John's U. Writers' Conf., Collegeville, 1987.

  • "Student Success Day: Sustaining Energy and Measuring Results." 2010 Student Affairs/Diversity and Multiculturalism Conference, Feb. 2010.  Pakou Vang, Richard Jewell, Brent Glass,, and Heather Sklenicka.  Organized by Barbara Read and Richard Jewell.


Memberships and Awards


Memberships and Miscellaneous, Present and Past:

  • seven academic/professional organizations (CCCC, MLA, M/MLA, NCTE, MEA, NEA, TYCA-Midwest).

  • five writers' organizations (The Loft, et al.)

  • editor of college literary magazines

  • high school honor student and student council member; high school and junior high class president; Eagle Scout; member of choir, band, Latin Club, et al.

  • graduated in three years from high school with higher grade point average than the valedictorian of graduating class (was disqualified from receiving honors because of early graduation)

Academic Awards as a College Student:

  • National Merit Scholar Honor Award

  • Fellowship, Mellinger Foundation (four years)

  • National Semifinalist, Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellowship

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, St. Cloud State University

State and Regional Awards for Creative Writing:

  • Two University of Indiana Writers' Conference Competitive Scholarship Award offers, 1988 (nonfiction) and 1986 (fiction)

  • Three Awards, KCRB-Minnesota Public Radio/Loonfeather Literary Magazine Contest, 1987

  • Finalist, The Loft-Mentor Creative Nonfiction Program, 1995

  • Finalist, The Loft-Mentor Creative Fiction Program, 1995

  • Finalist, David Ross Memorial Poetry and Essay Competition, Wichita, 1995

Academic Awards as a Teacher--from Students:

  • Finalist, Student-elected Teacher of the Year Award, Inver Hills Community College, 2010

  • Tie for 2nd place, Student-elected Teacher of the Year Award, IHCC, 2014

  • Winner, Student-elected  Teacher of the Year Award, IHCC, 2014

  • Best Composition Instructor of the Year Award, Department of English, University of Minnesota, 2001

  • Seven Quality Instructor Citations from the Student Success Program, North Hennepin Community College, 1997-2003

  • Two Distinguished Teaching Citations from the student body of St. Cloud State University, 1988 and 1989

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