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Relatives Named "Jewell"


My sister:

Janis I. Jewell, State of Michigan Analyst for the Dept. of Human Services, b. Monmouth, IL.  

janijewell @ aol dot com 


My cousin:

Heather Jewell, San Francisco, CA.





Rich Jewell the scratch bowler and his brother, Rick Jewell Sr.:

Richard G. Jewell, J.D.: the eighth president of Grove City College, a Christian liberal-arts college in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

Richard Jewell in Tacoma, Washington

Richard Jewell in Scotland: member of the Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland, 2002:

Rick Jewell in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
choreographer and actor in "Pirates of Penzance"

Rick Jewell, Senior Vice President of Oracle:
contact dot oracle @ oracle dot com  


Andrew W. Jewell: Univ. of Nebraska grad student.  (8-2002)

Elizabeth Jewell: See "Lisa Jewell Jordan," below. (2-2003)

Greg Jewell: English Language Center, Drexel University: 

GregJewell @ drexel dot edu

Jewell Family History Center:  

Jewell, Iowa (town of):,  

Jewells at  (12-2000)

John Jewell: lawyer and Stetson University teacher. 
john @ jewell dot com,  (2001) 

Keala Jane Jewell: Dartmouth College teacher. 
keala dot jewell @ dartmouth dot edu  (8-2002)

Lisa Jewell: best-selling British author of Ralph's Party, Thirty-NothingOne Hit Wonder, and Friend of the Family.  
Web site:

Lisa Jewell Jordan:  great-grandfather, James Andrew Jewell, Birmingham Ala., Haynesville, Lou., & Texarkana, Ark. (2-2003). 
lajj71854 @ txk dot net 

William Jewell College:
webmaster @ william dot jewell dot edu  (2001)

See also


 Richard Jewell, Atlanta


The Richard Jewell Falsely Accused of Bombing the Olympics in Atlanta: I don't know if he has a Web site, but this definitely is not it.  There are a number of Web sites with information about him, so try using a search engine to find "Richard Jewell Atlanta." 

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