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About Richard Jewell (as of 2004)

        My name is Richard Jewell. Please call me "Richard" or "Mr. Jewell"--whichever you like.  I am a full-time English Department teacher at Inver Hills Community College.  I particularly enjoy writing and the humanities, and used to be a free-lance writer for national, regional, and foreign magazines.  My love of teaching and of writing/English are the two main reasons I am here. I have taught a wide variety of college and university writing, literature, and humanities courses since 1983 at the University of Minnesota, at St. Cloud State University, and in the community college system.  Some of the courses other than composition that I have taught are various literature classes, creative writing, business and professional writing, study skills, the humanities, philosophy, world religions, and critical problem solving.  The teaching of writing is my main field and first love, with humanities and literature close behind.

        When I'm not teaching, I'm usually busy writing additional online class materials, working on my online textbooks, or preparing topics and articles for publication or presentation.  I also like movies a lot, both literary and high-drama, and I read quite a bit: the Star Tribune every morning, a little more each night of a novel, often detective suspense, and academic articles and essays when I can fit them in.  I also enjoy drama and science fiction on television, such as Law & Order, CSI, Crossing Jordan, and Stargate

        My wife and I try to eat supper together and talk for awhile every night, and we go out to dinner about once a week, usually to one of the many Asian restaurants in the Nicollet Ave./Uptown area near us.  We go to artsy-type movies about once per month, and to the Guthrie (we especially love Shakespeare) perhaps three or four times per year.

        Remember: if you have any questions at any time during the course, please feel free to email, call, or write.  My email address is Richard at Jewell dot net (be sure to add the @ and the "."), and my home phone number (9 a.m.-9 p.m.) is (612) 870-7024.

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