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Brief Starting Guides

What is Meditation?


Stages: Beginning   Middle   Advanced


5 Myths about Meditation


Help!    Ten Rules of Good Meditation






Brief Guides about Practices

Problems                    Pain (Physical and Emotional)


Energy Centers   Other People   Eightfold Path


Breath.        Balance        Posture          Prayer


God and Meditation           Mind            Reality






More Resources

A Handout for Meditation Classes (10 pp., illustrated)


Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, an ancient Hindu

meditation handbook at




        Welcome to! You may access it at,, and This online dictionary is unlike any other meditation site on the Web: it has hundreds of meditation-related entries that are science friendly, from historical to modern words for meditation experiences. You can be a follower of any religious or spiritual path, or none: Meditationary describes meditation practices and experiences using a practical, experience-based point of view. You can access a single definition, or you can use one of the brief "Guidebooks" listed above.


        This dictonary has over 500 terms that relate to meditation, and many dozens of techniques you can practice. Click above in the "A-Z" chart on the beginning letter of the word you want. Then scroll down through the alphabetized list of words. If you can't find your specific word, try one or two similar or related ones.

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